Toca Life World

Toca Life World is an app that allows you to create your world and tell your own stories. You can create characters, build houses, and even add your photos and videos. The app is designed for kids but also fun for adults.


The gameplay of Toca Life World is straightforward. You can add your own photos and videos and add characters and objects to your scene. You can also change the environment and even the weather. There are no rules, and you can do whatever you want.


The controls of Toca Life World are straightforward. You can use your finger to move around the screen and select objects.


The graphics of Toca Life World are very colourful and fun. The app is designed for kids, so the pictures are not too realistic.


Toca Life World is very replayable. You can create different worlds and tell other stories. You can also share your worlds with your friends and see what they make.


  • Colourful graphics;
  • Simple controls;
  • Replayable;


  • None;


Toca Life World is a great app for kids and adults. It's simple to use, and it's very replayable.

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  • I love toca boca đź’— me encanta pero mis padres no me quieren comprar las cosas por eso estoy aquĂ­ jeje por favor espero que esto funcione y si funciona os doy las gracias, AdiĂłs.
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  • I want play this because my friend like this game so much
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    • it's very fun, but most of the game cost money sadly
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