Guide: How to Get Rapidash in Pokemon GO

Mia Thompson

17 Jul. 2023

Guide: How to Get Rapidash in Pokemon GO

Rapidash is a powerful Fire-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, known for its speed and attacking capabilities. It has gained popularity among fans worldwide, making it a prized possession in any player's Pokedex. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to catch a Rapidash in Pokemon GO and explore the possibility of encountering its shiny variant.

Step 1: Find and Catch Ponyta

Find and Catch Ponyta

The first step in obtaining a Rapidash is to find and catch a Ponyta. Ponyta can be encountered in the wild, so make sure to explore different areas and keep an eye out for its spawn. Using in-game items like Incense and Lure Modules can increase your chances of encountering a Ponyta. Additionally, consider checking areas with Sunny weather conditions, as Ponyta is boosted by this weather type.

Step 2: Accumulate Candy

Once you have successfully caught a Ponyta, the next step is to accumulate enough Candy to evolve it into a Rapidash. You will need 50 Ponyta Candy to perform the evolution. There are several ways to earn Candy in Pokemon GO, including catching Pokemon, using berries during battles, transferring Pokemon, and walking with your buddy Pokemon. Engage in these activities to collect the required Candy.

Step 3: Evolve Ponyta into Rapidash

Evolve Ponyta into Rapidash

After accumulating 50 Ponyta Candy, you can now evolve your Ponyta into a Rapidash. To do this, open your Pokemon collection and select the Ponyta you want to evolve. Tap on the "Evolve" button, confirm the evolution, and watch as your Ponyta transforms into a majestic Rapidash. Congratulations, you now have a Rapidash on your roster!

Can Rapidash Be Shiny?

Yes, Rapidash can be shiny in Pokemon GO. However, shiny Rapidash cannot be encountered in the wild. To obtain a shiny Rapidash, you need first to catch a shiny Ponyta. The shiny variant of Ponyta has a different coloration, usually with a more vibrant or unique appearance. Use the same steps mentioned earlier to find and catch a shiny Ponyta.

Once you have a shiny Ponyta, you can follow the same evolution process to evolve it into a shiny Rapidash. The shiny variant of Rapidash will retain the unique coloration of the shiny Ponyta, giving your team a rare and eye-catching addition. Keep in mind that shiny Pokemon are relatively rare, so it may take some time and effort to encounter a shiny Ponyta.


Can Rapidash Be Shiny

Rapidash is a powerful Fire-type Pokemon that can be a valuable asset to your Pokemon GO team. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can catch a regular Rapidash by evolving a Ponyta and possibly even encounter its shiny variant by finding and evolving a shiny Ponyta. Happy hunting, and may your Rapidash bring you success in battles!