Unlocking the Secrets of the Vondel Champion’s Quest in Warzone

Mia Thompson

29 Jul. 2023

Unlocking the Secrets of the Vondel Champion’s Quest in Warzone

As the adrenaline of the gaming world rises with the introduction of Call of Duty’s Season Five update, players are eagerly looking forward to the all-new variant of Warzone’s Champion’s Quest. This challenging event, typically reserved for the top players, offers exclusive rewards like unique weapon blueprints and massive XP boosts. With its origin in Al Mazrah, the Vondel Champion’s Quest is a revamped version of the challenge we've grown to appreciate. It may appear similar, but Season Five brings some novel amendments to its structure. This guide will help you navigate and conquer the Vondel Champion’s Quest in Warzone’s Season Five.

Decoding the Champion’s Quest in Warzone

The Champion’s Quest is a high-stakes game for the most skilled players. The ultimate goal is to unlock a series of 'tokens' by claiming victory in five consecutive matches in Warzone, a daunting task in and of itself. This opens the gateway to the Champion’s Quest - a rigorous event where players, either individually or within a squad, must secure three elements, transport them to a bomb site, and deposit them into a 'nuclear canister'. They must then guard the location until the bomb detonates, concluding the game and granting them an immediate triumph only after they have already won five matches in a row. The elements held by the players significantly influence the course of the Champion’s Quest.

Mastering the Vondel Champion’s Quest

In the forthcoming Season Five of Warzone, the Vondel Champion’s Quest sticks to the same formula, albeit with some subtle modifications. The prerequisites remain the same - winning five matches, collecting a contract, securing three elements, and locating, arming, and safeguarding a bomb. The twist in the tale lies in the elements themselves:

  • Gallium – Upon picking the Gallium element, the player and any nearby team members who previously held it will be exposed, both on the map and as if targeted by a Snapshot Grenade.
  • Deuterium – Possessing Deuterium causes the player to be constantly exhausted. Sprinting will induce loud coughing, revealing their location.
  • Neptunium – This element can be quite vexing as it electrifies all nearby Operators and sends vehicles into chaos, much like a Shock Stick, without any warning.

Engaging with the Vondel Champion’s Quest

Starting August 2nd, the Vondel Champion’s Quest opens its doors to all challengers. If you prefer the smaller map of Vondel to the expansive layout of Al Mazrah, this is the perfect opportunity to take on this challenge and assess your gaming prowess.

So gear up, game on, and conquer the Vondel Champion’s Quest in Warzone’s Season Five!