Exploring the Depths of the "Metro" Series: A Descent into Post-Apocalyptic Gaming

Mia Thompson

17 Sep. 2023

Exploring the Depths of the "Metro" Series: A Descent into Post-Apocalyptic Gaming

Delving into the Origins of the "Metro" Series

The "Metro" series, known for its poignant storytelling, vividly grim atmosphere, and immersive environment, owns its existence to Dmitry Glukhovsky's bestselling novel "Metro 2033". 4A Games, a Ukranian studio, resolved to do justice to the novel by crafting a game that embodied its spirit. The Metro 2033 game, released in 2010, laid the foundation for a successful series that fans will return to again and again over the coming years.

Metro 2033: Beginning the Underground Odyssey

The game introduces players to a post-apocalyptic Moscow, where humanity survives in the city's Metro stations against mutants and hostile factions. The game stands out with its engaging narrative, attention-demanding gameplay, and an eclectic mix of horror, stealth, and shooter elements. Players find themselves in the shoes of young Artyom, tasked with saving his home station from an emerging supernatural threat, the Dark Ones.

Metro: Last Light – A Ray of Hope in the Darkness

"Metro: Last Light", the 2013 sequel, continues the saga where its predecessor left off. Following the events of the first game, Artyom is again the protagonist embarking on a journey through the deadly Metro and post-apocalyptic Moscow to find the last remaining Dark One. "Last Light" refines the strengths of the original while delivering new characters, intense action, and narrative branches that keep players guessing.

Metro Exodus: Escape to the Surface

In the latest installment "Metro Exodus" (2019), players traverse beyond the Moscow Metro onto the ravaged surface of Russia. Featuring a combination of linear levels and open-world sections, the game revises the formula while maintaining the essence of the series. Artyom and his allies set off on a cross-continental journey, battling new threats, in the hopes of finding a new life.

The Future of the "Metro" Series: An Endless Tunnel?

The "Metro" series, with every installment, has steadfastly progressed in terms of gameplay mechanics and narrative delivery, and there's no sign of this creative process slowing down. When it comes to the future of the "Metro" series, 4A Games have hinted at an ambitious, sandbox-style project that would push the boundaries of the series so far without completely uprooting its distinct flavor.

Bottom Line: An Enduring Journey into the Dark

In conclusion, the "Metro" series offers a uniquely somber and atmospheric journey through a post-apocalyptic landscape teeming with danger and mystery. From the humble beginnings of "Metro 2033" to the ambitious expanses of "Metro Exodus", each game holds its own appeal while contributing to a larger, interconnected narrative. As we anticipate what the future holds for the "Metro" series, one thing is clear - whether in the underground or on the surface, fans have a lot to look forward to.