Epic Tank Battles: Top 5 Grand Tanks Alternative Games

Mia Thompson

23 Apr. 2023

Epic Tank Battles: Top 5 Grand Tanks Alternative Games

The world of video games is vast and constantly expanding, with new games being released every day. Amongst the plethora of games available, tank games have always held a special place in the hearts of gamers. These games allow players to step into the shoes of a tank commander, taking control of a powerful machine and engaging in thrilling battles against other players or AI-controlled enemies. Grand Tanks is one such game that has gained immense popularity in recent years, but for those looking for something new and exciting, there are plenty of other options available. Here, we bring you a list of the top 5 alternative tank games that you must try if you're a fan of Grand Tanks.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks logo

Dive into the World of Tanks, an epic and massively multiplayer online game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Developed by Wargaming, this game offers an unparalleled experience of tank warfare in the mid-20th century.


World of Tanks features a wide array of tanks from various nations, including the United States, Germany, the Soviet Union, and more. Players can choose from light, medium, and heavy tanks, as well as tank destroyers and artillery. Each tank has its unique characteristics, such as firepower, armor, and mobility, which can be further enhanced through upgrades and customization. The game offers various game modes and maps, with the primary objective being to destroy the enemy team's tanks or capture their base.

Story and Setting

The game does not have a specific story or campaign mode but is set in a historically accurate mid-20th-century setting, featuring tanks from that era. Players can engage in battles that resemble real-life conflicts from World War II and the Cold War era.

War Thunder

War Thunder logo

Experience the thrill of combined arms warfare in War Thunder, a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online game developed by Gaijin Entertainment. War Thunder offers not just tank battles but also air and naval combat, making it a complete package for those who love military-themed games.


War Thunder features a vast selection of tanks, aircraft, and naval vessels from various nations and time periods, such as World War II and the Cold War era. Players can engage in realistic battles in various game modes, including Arcade, Realistic, and Simulator. The game also offers PvE missions and events, as well as a dynamic campaign system that provides a unique experience every time you play.

Story and Setting

Similar to World of Tanks, War Thunder does not have a specific story mode. However, the game is set in a realistic and historically accurate environment, allowing players to experience the intensity of real-life battles from different eras of modern warfare.

Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare logo

Get ready for intense tank battles in a modern-day setting with Armored Warfare, a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online tactical military game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by My.com.


Armored Warfare offers a wide range of tanks and other armored vehicles from various countries, each with unique features and capabilities. The game features PvE missions, where players can cooperate with others to complete objectives, and PvP modes, where players can test their skills against others in fast-paced, strategic battles. Armored Warfare also offers a Global Operations mode, which combines PvE and PvP elements in large-scale, dynamic battles.

Story and Setting

Armored Warfare is set in a modern-day world, where players assume the role of a private military contractor working for various corporations and governments. The game features a PvE campaign mode, where players can engage in story-driven missions and uncover the game's narrative.

Tanki Online

Tanki Online logo

For those looking for a fast-paced, action-packed tank game, Tanki Online is a perfect choice. This free-to-play, browser-based multiplayer game offers a unique blend of arcade-style gameplay and tank warfare.


Tanki Online offers a wide variety of tanks and customization options, allowing players to create their unique war machine. The game features multiple game modes, such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and more. Players can also participate in tournaments and events to earn rewards and climb the leaderboard.

Story and Setting

Tanki Online does not have a specific story or campaign mode. The game focuses on providing a fun and engaging multiplayer experience in a vibrant and colorful setting.

Steel Armor: Blaze of War

Steel Armor Blaze of War game

For those who prefer a single-player experience, Steel Armor: Blaze of War is an excellent choice. Developed by Graviteam, this tank simulation game puts players in command of a tank platoon during various conflicts in the late 20th century.


Steel Armor: Blaze of War offers a realistic simulation of tank warfare, with players having to manage various aspects such as crew management, logistics, and tactics. The game features a dynamic campaign system where players can participate in various missions and battles, each with different objectives and challenges. Players can choose from a selection of tanks from various countries, such as the United States, the Soviet Union, and Iraq.

Story and Setting

Steel Armor: Blaze of War is set in the late 20th century and features conflicts such as the Iran-Iraq War, the Soviet-Afghan War, and the Angola Civil War. The game offers a realistic and immersive experience of tank warfare during these historical events.

In conclusion, there is plenty of exciting and engaging tank games available for fans of Grand Tanks. These top 5 alternative games offer a diverse range of gameplay, settings, and experiences, ensuring that there's something for everyone. So gear up, take command, and experience the thrill of tank warfare in these epic games.