Embark on Otherworldly Journeys: Top-5 Alternatives to GRIS

Zachary Granger

05 Jul. 2023

Embark on Otherworldly Journeys: Top-5 Alternatives to GRIS

GRIS, developed by Nomada Studio and published by Devolver Digital, is a visually stunning and emotionally evocative journey through a serene and evocative world filled with wonder and loss. If you completed this world and are now seeking something equally beautiful and entrancing, then look no further. Here are five immersive alternatives that echo the gorgeous aesthetics and deeply affective undertones of GRIS. Each one, while unique in its own right, offers an inspiring blend of artistry and captivating gameplay.


Journey game

Enter a world of ephemeral beauty and captivating mystery

One of the major contenders for compelling alternatives to GRIS is Journey by Thatgamecompany. This game serves as an interactive parable detailing the life of a robed figure in an extensive desert world. The primary goal in Journey is simple - ascending a mountain in the distance while maneuvering through various environmental obstacles. Throughout your traversal, you're allowed to interact with others on the same quest via non-verbal communication cues. In Journey, you control a robed figure amidst a vast desert, guiding them through a succession of ruined environments. The untouched beauty of the deserted landscapes layered with the enchanting music makes for a cathartic and almost meditative experience, much like GRIS.

Ori and the Blind Forest game

'Ori and the Blind Forest': A Luscious Narrative in a Cursed Forest

From developer Moon Studios, 'Ori and the Blind Forest' reinforces the belief that video games are indeed a form of art. This game thrives on its mesmerizing visual artwork, melancholic plot, and riveting gameplay mechanics. The game traces the treacherous journey of a young orphan, Ori, destined to reclaim his world from a cataclysmic event. Engulfed in a lush forest tainted by a powerful force, the game unfolds through platforming puzzles and fierce combats against the enemies. The player is encouraged to upgrade Ori's skills for increased maneuverability and strength. Ori and the Blind Forest presents a correlation with GRIS in creating deep connections with the player through an evocative setting and powerful storytelling.


Rime game

'Rime': Decipher the Secrets of a Forgotten Island

Rime, developed by Tequila Works, is distant from the world's mortality and chaos. It encapsulates a breathtaking world filled with secrets and invites players to decipher them. Rime casts you as a young boy shipwrecked on a mysterious island after a torrential storm. You see wildlife, long-forgotten ruins, and a huge tower that beckons you to come closer. Powered by animal calls and arm gestures as your only means of communication, you will solve puzzles and traverse the vibrant world offered by the island. Rime is essentially a tranquil poem of exploration and discovery wrapped in a beautiful visual and audio design.


ABZU game

Embark on an Underwater Odyssey with 'ABZÛ'

ABZÛ, developed by Giant Squid Studios, presents a unique angle at exploration by setting it predominantly underwater. It's an eloquent and elegant game that resonates with the ethos of GRIS. In ABZÛ, you play as a diver exploring the incomparable beauty of the ocean filled with mysterious creatures and hidden secrets. The game revolves around diving and restoring life in the underwater world, drawing players into a deep emotional connection with marine life. From interacting with the aquatic beings to revealing hidden mysteries, ABZÛ weaves a poetic, non-verbal narrative that resonates powerfully with the players.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian game

'The Last Guardian': An Enthralling Tale of Friendship and Trust

The Last Guardian, a game by Team Ico, is a unique fusion of puzzle-solving and action-adventure. Like GRIS, it has an emotionally resonant narrative, speaking volumes without uttering a single word. The Last Guardian revolves around a young boy who befriends a gigantic creature named Trico. The duo traverses through a deeply spiritual world, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles. Much of the game's emotional power comes from the heartfelt bond that forms between the boy and the creature throughout their journey.

In conclusion, if you consider GRIS's hypnotic art direction, mesmerizing landscapes, and poignant plotline as captivating aspects in a game, then these five options are tuned to your interests. Just like GRIS, these games will leave you in awe through their vibrant settings and emotionally charged narratives.