Elden Ring Players Express Discontent Over Lackluster Boss Rewards

Mia Thompson

30 Jul. 2023

Elden Ring Players Express Discontent Over Lackluster Boss Rewards

The rewarding experience of defeating a formidable boss in Elden Ring often comes with generous prizes, including runes for leveling up, Remembrances for obtaining the boss' weapons or spells, and special items for enhancing gameplay features. However, not all rewards have been well-received by the players, sparking debates among the gaming community on the most underwhelming rewards in the game.

A player going by the handle Rex_Wr3cks kickstarted the discussion on Reddit, expressing disappointment over the rewards received from the Flying Dragon Greyll and Godfrey bosses. According to Rex, the rewards from these bosses, which include a Dragon Heart and an axe, respectively, were subpar and failed to meet their expectations. The player's sentiments have been echoed by other gamers, with varying opinions on which bosses offer the least satisfying rewards.

Several players have also pointed out that the effort needed to defeat certain regular enemies and mini-bosses is not reciprocated by the rewards they offer. For instance, some gamers opined that the Runebears and Golems with laser-shooting abilities offer meager rewards compared to the effort put into defeating them. Similarly, the Crucible Knight at Stormhill Evergaol and Astel bosses have been criticized for their underwhelming rewards.

In a surprising turn, some players even expressed disappointment over the final boss rewards. They argued that the items obtained should have been made available earlier in the game, allowing players to fully utilize them throughout their journey.

It is evident that the expectation of receiving a unique move or skill from a defeated boss is a common theme among the players. However, the diverse play styles and preferences in Elden Ring have resulted in some rewards being deemed as subpar or even useless. This underscores the challenge for game developers in balancing the rewards system to cater to a wide range of player preferences.