Conquering the Endaira's End: How to Secure the Burden of the Follower in Remnant 2

Mia Thompson

15 Aug. 2023

Conquering the Endaira's End: How to Secure the Burden of the Follower in Remnant 2

Navigating through dungeons in Remnant 2 is a thrilling adventure, and collecting unique artifacts adds a touch of excitement and strategy to gameplay. One such rewarding item is the Burden of the Follower ring.

In order to secure this, you must tread the path through the Endaira's End dungeon. This guide walks you through the steps to claim this vital piece of accessory.

Step 1: Unravel the Maze of Endaira's End Dungeon

Unravel the Maze of Endaira's End Dungeon

The initial requirement is to locate the Endaira's End dungeon, specifically its labyrinth form. Slotting the wind tower avatar may force players to redo their run to achieve this setup. You will be up in arms against the Root monsters inhabiting the temple, ensuring you prove your worth to acquire the coveted ring.

Step 2: Discover Endaira's Endless Loop

Your perseverance will lead you to an altar near a compact checkpoint: a gift awaits the worthy in the form of Endaira's Endless Loop. Behind this altar lies a room with an imposing statue adorned with pots and vases.

With a small climb and a couple of vase breaks later, you will spot a miniature hole in the floor. Tumble into this secret passageway to press on.

Step 3: Into The Secret Library

Into The Secret Library

Following the little-worn path will usher you into an insightful library rich with knowledge via lore pages. Your patience and courage pay off here as the treasure you sought lies within this room – the “Burden of the Follower” ring.

Step 4: Understanding the Ring

This ring bears considerable significance, reducing the fire rate of all guns by 15% while simultaneously boosting your Mod Power Generation by a whopping 50%. You can combine its power with other rings like Faerin and Faelin's Sigils, Spirit Stone, and the Stone of Malevolence for better build output.

Step 5: Choosing the Right Weapon

Choosing the Right Weapon

The Burden of the Follower works best with single-shot weapons like the Crossbow and Widowmaker rifle. These weapons prioritize reload speed far above fire rate, therefore not affecting their performance significantly.

Step 6: Leverage Archetypes

The Gunslinger archetype's traits offer a great balance to the ring's drawbacks. This makes it a good secondary Archetype to blend with the primarily used Archon, whose traits amplify your Mod-related skills further.

Step 7: Judicious Use of Mods

Judicious Use of Mods

It's recommended that you opt for Mods with lower Mod Power requirements. Their frequent availability makes them ideal for use with the Burden of the Follower. Rotted Arrow, dropped by Shrewd on Yaesha, or Bloodline from the Merciless Long Gun present excellent offensive choices.

In conclusion, securing the Burden of the Follower ring entails navigating through labyrinthine dungeons and outsmarting Root monsters. But in the end, your journey into the dark pits will reward you generously with a versatile build to experiment with, catering to your mod-heavy strategy in Remnant 2.