YouTube Will Now Allow All Monetized Channels to Use Super Thanks

Samanta Blumberg


YouTube Will Now Allow All Monetized Channels to Use Super Thanks

YouTube has a monetization feature called Super Thanks that makes it possible for creators to get money directly from their audience if they wish to donate. Previously, the feature could be used only by the selected few, but now the company decided to give all monetized channels an opportunity to earn money with the help of Super Thanks.

If you are not familiar with how this feature works, it is essentially a donation tool that allows viewers of the channels to thank their creators directly by sending them a certain sum of money. Previously, this feature was referred to as ‘Viewer Applause.’ After successful testing, the feature will now be available to all monetized channels.

At the moment, this new feature can be accessed in 68 countries and there are four pricing options for viewers to choose from. The starting price is only $2 and the options go up to $50. There have been features, such as Super Stickers and Super Chat, but Super Thanks is a more advanced version of the two. When someone makes a donation via Super Thanks during a video stream, there appears an animation on screen and it’s possible to see how much a person donated in the comment section. It is not only a way for a channel creator to earn money, but also regular donators can stand out from other commenters.

Video streaming is highly important for many YouTube creators, so it’s not surprising that the platform continues to add more beneficial features for channels. If you are a content creator, it is possible to activate this feature in one click. One thing to note is that creators don’t earn the entire sum donated by viewers, but they get 70%.

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