YouTube Offers More Tools for Livestreams

Greg Burn


YouTube Offers More Tools for Livestreams

YouTube increases the amount of instruments creators can use for the livestreams. The video streaming platform is busy providing more tools to creators. Trying to hold its positions on the market, competing against TikTok and Instagram, YouTube extends features for creators.

YouTube adds a new option that allows any creator to invite another person to the stream. All you have to do is to share the link with the guest you want to invite in the video. Besides, guests can be invited before the livestream, so there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding. This way, guests can easily relax and have time to channel. Information on users can be hidden if it is what you need.

While analytics is still available for content creators, guests do not see it. According to YouTube officials, this new feature will help creators who like to welcome guests to the livestreams. They believe it will attract more people to the content creation. Many guests will be able to feel how to stream videos and try doing the same by creating their own channels. Similar to Instagram YouTube channels receive the red ring near the icon when they go live.

YouTube has ambitious plans for new content and its creators. The cross-channel redirects will be available for those channel owners who have over 1 000 subscribers. This way they will be able to redirect users to their channels. This option is available for channels that do not have active guideline strikes of the community. You also need to have 1 000 subscribers and more. Currently, YouTube is busy developing a new feature to allow the audience to ask questions during live streams. YouTube works hard to increase communication between video creators and the audience.

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