Twitter Gets Even More Accessible with a New Share Button for LinkedIn and WhatsApp

Samanta Blumberg


Twitter Gets Even More Accessible with a New Share Button for LinkedIn and WhatsApp

Twitter has decided to prioritize the convenience of sharing tweets outside of the platform. Due to this decision, the application has a share button for WhatsApp, but so far this innovation applies only to the Indian audience. LinkedIn also has a corresponding button that allows you to post tweets in the application, presenting them in a special way.

The share button for WhatsApp users from India deserves special mention, since this application is the most popular in this region, and from now on this option will further expand the influence of Twitter. In the future, Twitter plans to roll out this feature to the entire audience, but since all major changes should be implemented starting with a small audience, only one country was chosen by the company's management. So, users from India can already try out the new feature by sharing tweets on WhatsApp.

The expansion of the user audience affected not only WhatsApp, but also interaction with other applications. Android and iOS users have been able to share tweets on IG Stories and Snapchat for some time now, and now you can repost tweets on LinkedIn. All this makes using Twitter more convenient and allows the platform to better track the activity of its audience. Previously, in order to share a certain tweet, you had to use screen capture. Now, with the retweet function, this process became much more convenient.

The update with the ability to share tweets is a very important step for both the users of the app and the platform itself. This will increase the number of transitions to the application itself, and therefore raise people’s interest in it, which will lead to an increase in income.

Have you tried reposting tweets in other apps? What app is missing this feature the most? Please share your opinion below.