TikTok’s e-Commerce Ambitions on the Rise

Mia Thompson


TikTok’s e-Commerce Ambitions on the Rise

TikTok’s immense popularity initially based upon the concept of bite-size vids and endless scrolling is taking an unusual turn. These days, the corporation seems to be keeping laser-like focus on its livestreaming program. To be more precise, TikTok wants to use it to sell stuff. Keep reading for details. 

It all started when there were doubts as to whether livestream shopping will become popular outside of Asia or not. As of today, TikTok’s experiments in the overseas markets have not been steadily successful. The company rejected its intention to promote live shipping in the US and EU after unsatisfactory attempts in the UK. However, early in October 2022, it was reported that TikTok’s live shopping endeavors were in full swing in the US. 

Further reports confirmed that TikTok is intending on exporting its live shopping triumph from China to the US. To be more specific, the company is now creating a network of agencies that promote livestreams as a way for brands to sell products and for influencers to monetize their efforts. As a result, TikTok could generate phenomenally large revenue streams for their platform. After potentially partnering with California startup TalkShopLive, TikTok expects to integrate their own live shopping streams into the platform, which would expand their target market significantly.

The mix of economic challenges and potentially hefty returns on livestreamed content is mostly why TikTok has made a decision to take a plunge with their live shopping experience in the US. The company is doubling down on the idea even despite the real struggle to reap benefits from the model in the UK. Do you think they’ll succeed in the US? Share your opinion on the topic in the comment box below and add our blog to your favorites to come back for more tech news on the topic.