TikTok Encourages Users to Credit Trend Originators

Greg Burn


TikTok Encourages Users to Credit Trend Originators

TikTok has been strongly criticized for reinforcement of trends without credit to the originators. While trending the dance clips with creators from Black communities TikTok was called out for not giving credit to the origin of the creators on the platform. As a result, the platform is launching new tools to enable users to give credit to originators as well as include some educational materials on the importance of doing that.

The new feature will allow creators to tag their videos directly introducing the performers and community or cite their inspiration.  

Now tagging is made simpler. Upon the upload of a video, locate the new “video” icon which will allow you to add tags. The option lets you choose a previously liked, favorited, posted video or the video that uses the same sound as the one you have uploaded. It will be possible to see the tag in the caption mentioning the original creator and making sure that you follow the rules of authorship.

In order to keep users aware of the importance of citation, TikTok has added some pop-up educational notices prompting users when it is necessary to tag the origin of the video clip. This is an important step to maintaining the culture of credit on TikTok to ensure that everyone is happy.

Adding these amendments to the platform, TikTok showed that it is responsive to criticism and values and respects the experience of its creators rather than appropriating the content that floods the platform on a daily basis.

However, users still have a choice whether or not to tag the content crediting the creator. It is possible that TikTok will add more restrictions to that for the sake of gathering high-quality content on the platform.

Do you think the new feature will make a difference to the credit culture on TikTok? Do you tag your content? Let us know in the comments down below.