TikTok Continues To Improve User Safety On the Internet with Tools and Tips

Greg Burn


TikTok Continues To Improve User Safety On the Internet with Tools and Tips

TikTok is the most popular social network among young people who are most prone to having cyber security issues. Therefore, the company provided a lot of useful information regarding the potential dangers of online interactions, as well as improved opportunities for promoting communities that specialize in cyber security.

TikTok has long prioritized and invested a lot of resources in the security of its users. Thus, the company is collaborating with the GCA (the Global Cyber Alliance), which will allow the development of new methods to increase cyber security. One such useful tool is user awareness, which is facilitated by useful links to educational resources provided by TikTok. Not the last role is played by the recommendations of useful applications that track unwanted interactions on the Internet. Another useful solution was a one-page overview for a brief excursion of users on cyber security issues.

Representatives of TikTok made an official statement in which they emphasized the importance of the cybersecurity of the users of the application. The company sees the most promising solution to the problem by using programs that will empower, educate, and diversify. Also, TikTik will try to invest a lot of resources in the rapidly growing cybersecurity industry, where there is a shortage of specialists.

The company also supports the #SeeYourselfinCyber ​​initiative, which appeared thanks to the National Cybersecurity Alliance. The main idea of ​​the program is to attract people from different communities to work in the field of cybersecurity in order to maximize resonance within all segments of the population.

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