The Upcoming Sims 5 Should Definitely Have More Ridiculous Cheats

Greg Burn


The Upcoming Sims 5 Should Definitely Have More Ridiculous Cheats

The Sims game has been around for years, but it still continues to attract new players. The game offers many creative opportunities and also comes with a number of fun cheats that players can discover. A lot of players already know about the most well-known cheats, but there are also plenty of them in The Sims 4 that players may not know about.

Not all cheats in The Sims are useful, as there are some that are created just for fun. They make the game exciting and silly, so most players would agree that there should be more of them in The Sims 5.

While the next title in The Sims series is not here yet, you can still have fun with cheats in The Sims 4. The first example is how you can turn your character into a superstar in just a few clicks. You can enable the cheat log, click on your Sim, and then press the Shift key. When you use this cheat in a public place, your Sim will be immediately followed by fans.

Those who have the Parenthood expansion in The Sims 4 can drive their Sims mad by making children particularly annoying. All you need to achieve this is to type ‘traits.equip_trait ChildhoodPhase_Rebellious’ and kids won’t be recognizable. Another interesting cheat that should definitely stay in the next game is called ‘Burning Love.’ With its help, it’s possible to start a fire in any place you want. If you appreciate chaos when playing the game, you can affect Sim’s earnings and make your characters either homeless or go bankrupt.

Most players would agree that having more interesting cheats and ensuring easy access to them should be a priority in The Sims 5. Having a separate user interface for entering cheats will make sure that all players can easily experiment with them while playing.

What do you think about such cheats in the game? Do you have any favorites? Please, share your thoughts in the comment section below!