Spotify Is Trying Out Canvas-Based Music Discovery Feed Feature

Greg Burn


Spotify Is Trying Out Canvas-Based Music Discovery Feed Feature

A popular digital music streaming platform, Spotify, is trying out a personalized feed on the app's home screen. The new content exploration option should make it easier and handier for users to discover new songs utilizing the Canvas functionality released in 2019. Canvas loops are short, vertically presented looping album artwork users see when listening to a particular song.

Every day, the feed will come up with 15 recommended songs. The user can choose to add any of them to their playlist after they have listened to a preview and seen a canvas loop for each song. You can also subscribe to the artist or share their information on your social media. Since November 2021, the new interface has been under testing by Spotify users in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

The digital music service says that users are more inclined to continue streaming and add a particular song to their playlists, as well as visit the artist's profile and share it on their social media if they see a Canvas loop first. Canvas loops that are in some ways similar to GIFs offer Spotify artists an excellent and powerful tool for connecting to their listeners and increasing the audience of followers on the platform.

Spotify is also working on another discovery feature for its podcasts. Called vertical scrolling audio news feed, it will enable listeners to find their favorite music through a collection of playlists created and curated by the most popular users and select Spotify influencers.

Do you think users of the Swedish streaming service will welcome the new feature? What is your preferred method of discovering new music content on Spotify? Feel free to speak your mind in the comments section below and share this post with your music-loving friends!