Shuhei Yoshida Reveals the Reality of Cancelled Games in the Industry

Zachary Granger

24 Apr. 2023

Shuhei Yoshida Reveals the Reality of Cancelled Games in the Industry

Shuhei Yoshida, former President of SIE Worldwide Studios and now head of the indie division of Japan’s manufacturing business, recently shed some light on the harsh reality of game cancellations in the industry. In an interview, Yoshida revealed that Sony cancels a significant number of games during their development process, emphasizing the competitive nature of the gaming landscape.

Yoshida's candid admission highlights the cutthroat nature of the gaming world, where only the best and most promising projects make it to the finish line. Companies like Sony invest heavily in the development of new games, yet the pressure to deliver a hit title often leads to cancellations if a project fails to meet expectations. According to Yoshida, this process is not only normal but necessary for maintaining a healthy and competitive industry. As previously stated, Sony has decided not to continue with Days Gone, whereas a sequel to Uncharted Drakes Fortune has been named.

Moreover, Yoshida explained that the decision to cancel a game is never taken lightly, as it can be a massive blow to the morale of the development team. However, these tough decisions ensure that resources are allocated efficiently, and the company remains focused on delivering the best possible gaming experiences. This perspective provides valuable insight into the harsh realities faced by developers and publishers in an increasingly competitive market.

The revelation by Shuhei Yoshida underscores the importance of understanding the business side of the gaming industry, where high stakes and competition are the norms. Game cancellations may be disappointing for both developers and fans, but they ultimately contribute to the overall quality of the gaming landscape. As players continue to demand better and more immersive experiences, companies like Sony must make these difficult decisions to stay at the forefront of the industry.