Google Home App Now Supports Garage Door Controls

Mia Thompson

04 May. 2023

Google Home App Now Supports Garage Door Controls

Google has recently expanded its Home app capabilities to include support for garage door controls, a much-awaited feature for users. This update allows users to operate their garage doors with compatible devices, providing a convenient and hands-free method of opening and closing the doors. The introduction of this feature comes after a long period where garage door openers were visible but not functional within the app.

The main part of this update revolves around enabling the on/off toggle for garage doors in the Home app. Previously, users could see their garage door openers within the app but were unable to interact with them directly. Instead, they had to rely on Google Assistant's voice or written commands to manage their doors. This recent change has been positively received by users who appreciate the added convenience and accessibility.

The new functionality was initially noticed by a Reddit user who shared their findings with others on the platform. Since then, multiple users have confirmed that they too can now access and use garage door controls in their Google Home apps. This suggests that Google has quietly rolled out this feature across its user base without any significant fanfare or announcements.

Although this may seem like a small update, it highlights Google's continued efforts to improve and expand upon its smart home ecosystem. By incorporating more features and functionalities into its Home app, Google aims to provide users with an increasingly seamless experience when managing various aspects of their home automation setups. The addition of garage door controls is just one example of how these improvements are taking place.

In conclusion, Google's recent addition of garage door controls within its Home app demonstrates its commitment to enhancing its smart home offerings. Users can now enjoy increased convenience and control over their home automation systems while also benefiting from improved accessibility features. As technology continues to advance, it is likely that we will see even more innovative updates from companies like Google as they work towards creating truly connected homes for their users.