Atomic Heart 2: Plans For The Sequel Have Been Revealed

Mia Thompson

14 Mar. 2023

Atomic Heart 2: Plans For The Sequel Have Been Revealed

Atomic Heart, the alternate history first-person shooter released by developer Mundfish, recently surpassed other high-profile games in terms of sales. This, along with its mix of reviews, ranging from great dislike to GOTY hype, meant that the game did not fly under the radar. Recently, Mundfish has revealed that a sequel to Atomic Heart may be in the works.

Atomic Heart is an interesting game, combining elements of BioShock, Wolfenstein, and even Fallout into a strange and unique world, making it a love letter to an action movie. The game also features testing grounds, which serve as optional dungeons, where players can find blueprints for weapons and upgrades, in addition to puzzles and crafting. 

The controversy surrounding the game due to its Soviet setting remains, and the game launched with many glitches that occasionally interrupt the gameplay. However, Mundfish has been releasing updates and patches and is currently working on DLC for the game, which will make the experience of Atomic Heart smoother for everyone. 

Mundfish has now revealed that plans for Atomic Heart 2 are already underway, though it will be some time before such a project will be ready to be released. The developer is likely to use the lessons learned from their previous release to create an even more polished Atomic Heart sequel.

In conclusion, Atomic Heart has surely been an interesting game, with its varied influences and the controversy that surrounds it. While the prospect of a sequel is exciting, it will be some time before it is ready to be released. Until then, fans of the franchise will have to make do with the updates, patches, and DLC that Mundfish is currently working on, hoping to make the experience of Atomic Heart even smoother.