ARK Remaster Launch Delayed, Planning a Discounted Initial Release

Zachary Granger

04 Jul. 2023

ARK Remaster Launch Delayed, Planning a Discounted Initial Release

Previous anticipations for snatching up Ark: Survival Ascended Edition as a holiday treat may need a reassessment as its release date has been pushed back. Once forecast to be launched in late August, the newly revamped beast-hunting fest is now scheduled to drop next year in the first quarter. Luckily for gamers, alongside this news, Wildcard Studios has also promised an attractive discount for anyone purchasing the game at launch. 

Despite the allure of a freshly polished Ark: Survival Ascended world filled with optimizations and new features, fans will need to exercise some patience. The coming year will mark the release of this remastered classic from Studio Wildcard. This delay was confirmed by the studio itself via a post on Steam. As per the developers, they are taking extra time to ensure the multiverse adventurers on the ARK receive their optimal gaming experience.

Yes, there is a silver lining to this delay for the eager survivors waiting for their remastered gaming allure. The good news is that once the remastered version hits the digital shelves, it will carry a launch discount. From the post, it's clear the studio aims to reward gamers' patience and first-time purchasers with a cost-effective launch. This will indisputably cheer the survival instincts of any gamer before having to tackle the revamped dinosaurs and their habitats.

Studio Wildcard has expressed its commitment to making the remastered version of ARK the best it can be, which is as important to them as it is to its dedicated fans. With the delay, they promise gamers a top-notch revamp that encompasses a new UI, better performance, and new gameplay mechanics. This decision underscores their unwavering commitment to ensuring the ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition is the best it can be when it drops next year. With the plus of a launch discount to ease the wait, gamers can certainly look forward to an exciting and immersive multiplayer gaming experience.