Android 13 Gets Spotify Connect Support to Make Audio Content Easier To Switch

Mia Thompson

08 Jan. 2023

Android 13 Gets Spotify Connect Support to Make Audio Content Easier To Switch

Google has announced at the ongoing CES 2023 expo that it is adding Spotify Connect support to Android 13's media switcher. With this feature, users will be able to easily switch their music from their phone or tablet to compatible devices using the audio output switcher. Also, developers must update their media apps in order for them to support the new feature, and Google also confirmed today that it would be available for the main YouTube app. 

This new feature is similar to what Android 13 media switcher users could already do with YouTube Music and YouTube. It gives them an easier way of choosing and switching between devices when playing music, rather than having a time-consuming process of doing so manually. Moreover, Google is developing a way for your audio content to move with you throughout your day via it. Cross-device SDK – making sure your favorite tunes stay with you wherever you go! 

Apart from making switching output simpler, Spotify Connect will give users access to many features previously unavailable on Android, such as song recommendations tailored specifically for each user’s listening habits; creating playlists; searching by artist or genre; listening offline; unlimited streaming options; etc. All these can now be enjoyed directly through the updated version of Android 13’s media switcher without any extra cost involved - something which should excite all avid music fans out there! 

In conclusion, we are glad that Google has taken steps towards simplifying our lives even more by introducing this new feature on its latest operating system – allowing us to access some unique features from Spotify while still being able to enjoy our favorite songs at any time, no matter where we are! The availability date was stated as “this year” in the announcement - so keep an eye out if you want to take advantage of this amazing feature soon!